Individuals, families, and private business owners are the primary focus of my practice. Your business is my business. Every day I focus on the issues that are also your issues.

What you can expect

I will provide plain English answers to your questions on any type of startup income tax or accounting issues.

This is a key area – you need a plan to meet both your family cash flow needs as well as complex, specific, and deadline-driven CRA requirements (T4’s, T5’s, Loans, other) related to payments to owners. I can guide you through the key compensation choices including salary, dividends, or other types of owner cash compensation.

Would you like to have a Chartered Professional Accountant as a Chief Financial officer? While you may not yet be at a stage where you can afford this, my flexible services may be the next best thing as they are specifically tailored to your needs and are highly cost effective.
What we do together:

  1. You schedule a series of one hour discussions
  2. You choose the topics (areas you want reviewed, monitored, or input on)
  3. We set up a continuous follow up plan with the frequency that best meets your needs

You can have your proposed business arrangement reviewed by an experienced Chartered Professional Accountant and receive independant feedback on issues such as:

  1. Review agreements for possible income tax issues or optimizations
  2. Corporate structure alternatives for: tax optimization, liability protection, and to maximize cash profit distributions
  3. Profit sharing formulas – independent evaluation and review of alternative approaches

I frequently advise clients on the following issues:

  1. Record keeping obligations – what are they?
  2. Accounting system selection and setup
  3. What are my options for getting my accounting work done right?
  4. If I do not keep well organized accounting and tax records, what are my risks?

GST or Payroll or paying yourself

Do you have effective working relationships with Bankers, Lawyers, and Insurance providers? My practice works cooperatively with all of your Advisors and, where required, I may be able to assist with referrals to other professionals.