My goal is to allow you (and your lawyer) to keep your focus and valuable time on the non-tax/financial aspects of your settlements. I do this by taking away the burden of analyzing income tax issues. I will efficiently identify, communicate, and implement a plan to manage any income tax issues which arise and also work constructively with your legal counsel to provide any other non tax financial analysis that is helpful (example – budgets or cash flow forecasts).

Preliminary Assessment of Tax Issues​

A 1 hour discussion (all explanations in plain English) to identify or better understand of any income tax related issues important to you.

Tax Analysis​

  1. Personal tax return analysis – my experience suggests it’s very important to get your own tax advice to thoroughly analyze sources of your spouse’s income including Employment, Stock Options, Investments and Bonuses or Dividends from corporations. Your spouse’s personal tax return is the starting point, not the answer!
  2. Income from a Corporation – many timing flexibilities exist reporting Corporate income to a personal tax return. The Company’s income earned in a current year may be reported on personal tax returns in later years. I have in-depth expertise analyzing the transfer of a Corporation’s income to the Owners personal tax return.

Work with Your Lawyer​

Work with your lawyer to provide any income or asset analysis you require such as:

  1. Tax and cash flow analysis of any proposed asset transfers
  2. A report summarizing:
    • your spouse’s income from personal tax return
    • plus or minus authorized adjustments per the Federal Child Support Guidelines
    • equals income for support purposes per the Federal Child Support Guidelines