Why Use Secure File Transfer?

Emailed documents have 2 major limitations:

  1. File size is limited:
    Large email attachments (>10MB) often cause emails to reject (can’t send)
    How I help… my file transfer page has no file size limitation.
  2. Confidentiality:
    Email is not secure – once sent via the internet there are many techniques that can be used to intercept your email (attachments included)
    Ask your bank or physician to email you banking or health information – they won’t because it’s not secure! Why then would you use email to exchange highly confidential personal/company information (SIN, bank statements, tax return) with your Chartered Professional Accountant? You shouldn’t!

How do I help… my file transfer page protects my clients’ information using the best available security and encryption techniques. Your attachment (e.g. tax return) is NOT sent using email.
Ask yourself… what is your current service provider doing to protect your information during file transfers?
This is just one more way I take special care of our clients.
Please consider using our file transfer page.

How to use Secure File Transfer

An easy, 5-step process (non-technical!)

  1. “From box”
    Input your email address (“To” box will always have my email address)
  2. “Password box (not optional)
    The sender (you must input a simple password
    For security, the receiver (me) must use the password to download the file
    Call me by phone (voicemail) to give me the password
  3. “Subject and Message boxes”
    Briefly tell me who you are and what you are sending me.
  4. “Filebox” (send up to 5 separate files)
    Click the browse button and locate (on your PC) the file you wish to send, click on the file and it will upload to the file transfer tool.
  5. “Send this file” click the button

What happens

  • Your file is uploaded to the secure encrypted section of our website
  • Your file is NOT sent by email
  • I receive a notification (only) by email telling me you sent me a file
  • I go to the secure website, use the password you gave me, and download the file

Congratulations… you are done!

I work hard to protect the privacy of your information…