Your incorporation filing lays several very key foundations for your new business. For my client’s, I provide incorporation structures that will be useful in future income tax planning initiatives as well as a thorough package of incorporation documents. Let me help you get this right, the first time by drafting incorporations which provide your company with flexible value added features that will be useful in future tax planning and business growth.

Do It Yourself Incorporation - Is It A Good Idea?

My observation – 80% of the “do it yourself” incorporations I see have significant flaws or omissions which require correction in the future when the client chooses to implement value added tax planning opportunities. Let me help you get it right the first time.

How I Can Help

  1. Discuss your decision to incorporate – are you reason valid?
  2. Separate fact from fiction in this key decision – practical answer in plain English
  3. Draft and file all required incorporation documents
  4. Draft and file all required CRA startup documents
  5. Provide a comprehensive Corporate minute book containing appropriate Company startup materials