Individuals, families, and private business owners are the primary focus of my practice in Calgary. Your business is my business. Every day I focus on the same issues that you face each day.

Each year I focus on the following for each client:

  1. ensuring CRA annual tax requirements are efficiently addressed
  2. implementing an optimized annual compensation plan for business owners, and;
  3. continuous assessment and progress towards key longer term objectives such as business owner planning for retirement, family tax optimization, business growth, and succession plans.

What you can expect

Formats are either:

  1. Notice to reader or
  2. Review (required by some lenders)

My goal is to simplify each client’s financial and tax processes at every opportunity.

Planning is a high impact activity where a Chartered Professional Accountant is capable of making a significant difference for business owners available cash. My goal is to ensure each client has an active tax plan for BOTH:

  1. Current year tax effective compensation to meet the cash needs of the business owner’s family, as well as
  2. key longer term issues such as capital gains, retirement planning, family tax optimization, business succession, and major purchases such as real estate or business equipment.

Let me think through your tax issues while you focus on customers, margins, and opportunities.

Once I learn more (by listening well … ) about my client’s business goals and personal/family needs, I look forward to explaining, in plain English, how tax effective structures such as Holding Companies and Family Trusts are capable of providing useful solutions to many common tax and liability concerns faced by business owners. This part of my services has the dual goals of tax optimization and “stress management”.

You can have your proposed business arrangement reviewed by an experienced Chartered Professional Accountant and receive independant feedback on issues such as:

  1. Review agreements for possible income tax issues or optimizations
  2. Corporate structure alternatives for: tax optimization, liability protection, and to maximize cash profit distributions
  3. Profit sharing formulas – independent evaluation and review of alternative approaches

Service in this area means reducing business owner stress by guiding each client through CRA’s annual maze of compliance dates and requirements. My contribution is to give my client confidence in the area of CRA compliance.

If clients are behind on filing previous years returns or responding to CRA inquiries, a Chartered Professional Accountant can provide independent advice on the most effective approach to resolving the issue. I can guide clients through the process of using appropriate CRA dispute resolution programs including but not limited to:

  1. Notices of Objection
  2. Voluntary Disclosure Applications
  3. Taxpayer Fairness Provisions

I can provide complete compliance advice for your Company’s GST, T4, T5 and T5013 Partnership returns.

Tax planning and due diligence for Buyers or Sellers.

I implement each business owner’s preferred solution to creating accounting records. This could include:

  1. Records prepared by the business owner (with no or limited assistance)
  2. Records I prepare using business owner inputs (bank statements) and cost effective quality bookkeeping services we have in place (ie outsource)
  3. Any solution in between