The focus of my practice is to advance and accelerate my client’s success by providing access to the type of experienced financial professional which is often only available to larger organizations. My clients, regardless of their size, deserve and receive the benefit (and peace of mind) of discussing their business issues one-on-one with an experienced Chartered Professional Accountant.

Experience, communications skills and personality fit are key ingredients I recommend you look for when contracting any tax service provider including a Chartered Professional Accountant. It’s in your best interest to discuss and confirm the experience level (practical and academic) of any tax service provider you choose to work with.

I am a Calgary native and have lived and worked in Calgary for more than 40 years. I obtained my Chartered Professional Accountant designation (with honors) in 1984, articling at a major national firm focusing on a client base of private business owners in many industries.

In addition to delivering the tax skills you expect from a Chartered Professional Accountant, I also bring to your business 35 years of hands-on business management experience in marketing, operations management, and strategic planning.

I believe effective client communications must be the foundation of any Chartered Professional Accountant’s practice. In practical terms this means I take the time to explain my recommendations for your business in plain English (“Tax Speak” mumbo jumbo is not used in my practice – my advice is given in plain English only).