Individuals, families, and private business owners are the primary focus of my practice in Calgary. Your business is my business. Every day I focus on the same issues that you face each day.

What you can expect

Client Tax Plans

Each client and I work together to:

  1. Minimize tax within legal limits.
  2. Identify key tax requirements and deadlines.
  3. Create a plan to optimize each client’s business and personal income and cash flows.

Simplification and Stress Reduction

My goal is to simplify each client’s financial and tax processes at every opportunity.
Let me think through your tax issues while you focus on customers, margins, and opportunities.

Client Communication

What you can expect:

  1. I invest the time to explain how my work impacts your business and personal financial life
  2. An annual discussion with a deeply experienced individual (not a junior staff member in training) to explain, in plain English, key aspects of your tax return and financial statements
  3. I offer my clients an easy to use electronic tool to transfer your confidential financial data to me in a secure manner.

Business Input and Strategic Planning

I look forward to sharing with you the business perspectives I’ve developed from my 35 years of experience.